Sunday, October 21, 2007

Catching Up with the UFC

As we got ready to watch last night's UFC pay-per-view my nephew asked me why I hadn't posted my fight predictions. To be honest, I wasn't all that excited about the card. Sure, Silva vs Franklin was THE main event, but most folks [me included] felt that Silva would win. The under-card consisted of a few other fights that less than twelve hours later I'm hard pressed to remember. I know that Stephan Bonner beat somebody... and Tim Sylvia scored a unanimous decision over Brandon Vera. Bah!

Actually I was interested in the main two fights. I'm not a big fan or either Tim Sylvia or Brandon Vera so I didn't care who won, but I was interested in seeing how each man would combat the other. Sylvia used his size to full advantage and wasn't afraid to trade punches. He deserved the win.

The main event brought Anderson Silva to Franklin's home town but the crowd made no difference. Anderson Silva looks to be unstoppable at this point. Who can beat him? And what will Rich Franklin do now that he knows the first fight wasn't a fluke?

It was interesting to note that former pro-wrestler Brock Lesner has been signed by the UFC. He's a bruiser no doubt, but how will he fair against a true MMA fighter? Whatever the outcome, you can bet that his first fight will have a lot of people watching.

The next pay-per-view will be UFC 78 Validation on November 17th. The card will consist of Frank Edgar Vs. Spencer Fisher, Ryo Chonan vs Karo Parisyan, David Terrell vs Ed Herman, Thiago Silva vs Huston Alexander, and Michael Bisping vs Rashad Evans. You can be sure that I'll post my predictions before the fights and I'll make the same offer that I made to my nephew -- send in YOUR predictions and we'll discuss them before the card.

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