Sunday, July 01, 2007

Top Cult TV Picks posted a list of the All Time Top Cult Shows. And while I've got to admit that there were many on the list that I've never watched, there were more than a few that brought back fond memories. So, using just their choices, here's my list of my top ten favorite "cult" shows:

  1. Star Trek (1966-1969) Although I'm definitely not a Trekker [or a Trekkie], I was a huge fan of the series when it originally aired. So from the time I was 8 - 11, Spock was THE MAN. Kirk was cool, but given the choice, I'd be Spock.

  2. Twilight Zone (1959-1964) It's amazing how well many of these episodes hold up nearly 50 years later. I have so many great memories of watching the Twilight Zone when I was a kid. Thankfully, due to reruns, I was able to re-experience the classic episodes with my sons when they were young. And twice a year, I still tune in for an episode or two when the SciFi Channel does their Twilight Zone Marathons! [The next one starts tomorrow!]

  3. Dark Shadows (1966-1971) It wasn't until Barnabus Collins was introduced on Dark Shadows [a daytime soap opera] that I tuned in. But like everyone else I was hooked. Soon enough the show was dealing with not only vampires, but werewolves [Quentin was the Man!], ghosts and time-travel. Unfortunately the movies weren't very good and like many fads just seemed to fade away.

  4. Jericho (2006-present) I've been with Jericho since the first episode and have enjoyed how it has focused on the relationships of trying to survive after a nuclear attack. I'm glad that the show is returning and hope that it doesn't loose it's momentum. New Episodes start Friday, July 6th at 9pm on CBS.

  5. Lost (2004-present) Lost is another show that I've been with from the start. Although it did seem to lose it's footing, the last few episodes of last season were definitely back on track. Now that a firm end date has been announced I plan to relax and enjoy the rest of the journey.

  6. Beauty and the Beast (1987-1990) My wife and oldest son never missed an episode. He'd have only been 4 when it went off the air... and I have so many good memories of them snuggling together to watch each show. I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast, but it wasn't ever "Must See TV" for me [unlike my choices for shows 1-5].

  7. Mystery Science Theater 3000 (1989-1999) I enjoyed this when I watched it. But for the real MST3000 experience invite Big Beatty and Chad Hunt over to watch a movie and let them start commenting!

  8. Pee-Wee's Playhouse (1986-1991) This was another show that I didn't watch much, but I did enjoy the movie spin-offs.

  9. H.R. Pufnstuf (1969-1971) This one makes the list not because it was a favorite show, but because it brings a smile to my face thinking of how it drove my youngest sister crazy when we called her "Witcheepoo." I know, I know, but I was an 11 year old. It was my duty to mess with her.

  10. The X-Files (1993-2002) This used to be my oldest son's favorite show. He loved it and I loved watching it with him.

    I don't know why the "Wild, Wild West" didn't make the cut. It would have been in my top three for sure. At any rate, HERE is the full article.

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