Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!

When I was a little kid, the 4th of July was for family and friends to get together for trips to the park [or each others houses] and cookouts. Fireworks were always the capper.

Then when my boys were small we always had family over. My boys would play with their cousins [water fights in the yard, basketball and video games]. We'd grill or BBQ something. And then at night I'd bring out the fireworks. I'd get one of the huge sets from Sam's Club and the kids from the neighborhood would come down to watch the festivities. Once we'd exploded or launched or sparkled everything we'd head in and catch some episodes of The Twilight Zone marathon running on the SciFi channel.

A few years ago, I could tell my fireworks were no longer the highlight of the evening. My niece, nephew and sons were getting older and while they enjoyed getting together Roman candles and sparklers just weren't cutting it. Ah, how time moves on.

At least I still have the Twilight Zone Marathon to look forward to! In fact starting at 7:30pm tonight you can catch six excellent episodes in a row ["The Shelter", "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street", "The Fear", "To Serve Man", "The Invaders" and "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up".]

Have a relaxing day, don't eat to much BBQ and be careful with those fireworks!


John Beatty said...

Now...I like your "sub-title" much better! "Internet Rest Area" it even fits you to a "T!"

I think I would make it "...and other UNimportant stuff" tho just for more fun!


Craig Zablo said...

LOL! I've been known to need a rest area or two on some trips. That's why I keep mine so tidy for guests.

And JB, you KNOW that movies, novels, tv, comics, art are IMPORTANT stuff.