Saturday, June 23, 2007

Simmons Doesn't Kiss Up

Although I wouldn't call The Henry Rollins Show a favorite, I do find myself occasionally tuning in to listen to his rants and his guests. Rollins is extremely opinionated and vocal. The episode today, which featured Gene Simmons of Kiss was particularly interesting because Rollins and Simmons came off as polar opposites.

Rollins gives off a working class vibe. Each week he is dressed in t-shirt and jeans and his set has the abandoned warehouse look. It's obvious that Rollins cultivates the "I'm just an everyman" appeal. Simmons on the other hand, never backed away from how rich he is and that he doesn't care about how Kiss is perceived. He was cocky, but honest in all of his responses. When Rollins questioned him about how Kiss has merchandised everything from Visa cards to caskets, Simmons stopped him short with his response. Simmons said that ALL bands sell t-shirts and once you cross that line into merchandising it's no longer about the music. It's about making a few extra bucks. So why do people get upset that Kiss has optimized their merchandising power? LOL!

Now I'm not a Gene Simmons or Kiss fan [although I did like their song "Beth"], but I have to admit that I found Simmons and his "this is who I really am attitude" interesting. I know that Simmons has his own show on A&E and I'm not intrigued enough to start tuning in. I just wanted to give him props for his honest answers and not "kissing up" or coming across as another "everyman."


Anonymous said...

The Henry Rollins Show is great actually. I'm surprised you don't tune in more. It's better than Leno x 10.

Craig Zablo said...

The Henry Rollins Show is great actually. I'm surprised you don't tune in more. It's better than Leno x 10.

For the last couple of years I've DVR
d it and most of the time I do at least scan it.

JBK said...

Hi, wanted to alert you to something very cool that Henry Rollins is doing. He's offering a chance to sound off on an issue for a national audience -- and the one person he personally chooses will be flown to LA to co-host the "Henry Rollins Show" marathon on IFC (Independent Film Channel) with Henry.

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An amazing opportunity. And a chance to sound off on some issues!

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Craig Zablo said...

JBK - Thanks for the tip. Are you gonna give a rant? BTW - I checked out your blog and have bookmarked it for regular reading!