Friday, May 11, 2007

You Are Here

Remember when I said that last week I'd ordered two graphic novels and told you how much I enjoyed Last of the Independents by Matt Fraction and Kieron Dwyer? Well, today I'm going to tell you about the second book, You Are Here by Kyle Baker that I enjoyed even more!

Noel Coleman thinks he's got it made. Coleman is in love with Helen; a beautiful, spiritual and sesitive animal lover. They've been together a year and Coleman is ready to settle down and marry her. There's just one catch. Coleman isn't the man he's led Helen to believe he is. Sure, he's a talented painter... but he's also criminal who's been on the run for a year. Hoping to leave his checkered past behind, Coleman goes back to New York City to sell his apartment so he can return to the country and live happily ever after with Helen.

You just know that ain't happenin'.

Shortly after arriving in New York, Coleman accidently meets up with his old crime partner, Oscar. Coleman and Oscar decide to hit some of their old haunts and Coleman learns that the cops and a homicidal maniac are still looking for him. Helen shows up to surprise Coleman and before you know it they're both running for their lives. The book ends with a fight to the death and a conclusion that you won't be expecting!

Kyle Baker's art is amazing. You Are Here is visually stunning. Baker's use of color and a storyboard panel design is to complete advantage. The story is full of humor and yet the book never loses it's pulp feel. It's a crazy combination that works. It's not a comedy, but there are comedic moments. It's not noir by the strictest definition, but it has that undercurrent. The art is cartoony but not in a bigfoot way. And you gotta love it that Robert Mitchum plays the homicidal maniac. I loved every page. You probably would too.

You Are Here rates an A+


Casey Jones said...

Amen, brother. YOU ARE HERE is one of the best (if not THE best) graphic novels ever. Make sure you pick up I DIE AT MIDNIGHT if you haven't yet... it's really incredible, too.

Craig Zablo said...

Casey, I haven't read I DIE AT MIDNIGHT< but I will be ordering it soon. I see that Kyle Baker will be at HEROES this year. How cool is that?