Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Patching Things Up

My best bud, John Beatty has a post over at his blog that I think will interest most ZONErs. Big John presents storyboards that he's created for another of Wild Bill Black's low budget cheese-o-ramas. Not only has John done the storyboards, but he will also return in the film as the evil "Patch."


The James said...

It kills me that I couldn't be there to do a scene with the almighty "Patch." I feel cheated and robbed, being the world's number one "Patchite." I want my "Patch" action figure now...with non-politically correct catchphrases at the draw of a string, and effeminate kicking action!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad Beatty is back online with his blog- good to see his work again. See you guys at HEROESCON Craig!
--Raf Kayanan--

Craig Zablo said...

James -- you've got to perform the effeminate kick scene for us again!

Raf -- I love it that you'll be at Heroes! [And it is great that Beatty's posting up again!]