Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Autos from Alex

One of the cool things about the internet is that it allows people who would otherwise never meet to become "friends." Let me give you an example.

Alex is from Belgium and regularly visits the StalloneZone and my blog here. Alex sent me a surprise "snail mail" package. In it were three autographed photos:

  1. Laura Harring is an actress who played in seven episodes of "The Shield" as well as a ton of other stuff
  2. DJ Caruso directed four episodes of "The Shield" as well as one of my favorite movies, "The Salton Sea" as well as many other tv shows and feature films
  3. Actor, singer and songwriter Kris Kristofferson co-starred with Sly in "Eye See You," Mel Gibson in "Payback"
Alex sent these items to me out of pure kindness... all the way from Belgium. I've never met Alex, but only a friend would be so nice... thanks to the internet. And a bigger thanks to Alex!

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