Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mackey is Back

April 4th can't get here fast enough. Mackey is back... with a vengeance. Click HERE if you want to see the first 14+ minutes of the premiere episode. You know you can't wait. [Don't feel bad, neither could I.]


El Snoozo said...

That's for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment man...You got some pretty fun stuff going on here,and I'll def be back to check it out.

And as much as I liked 300, Kurt Russel is thee only guy who should play Snake Plissken..Be like having Jake Gylennhall play "Ash" in a new Evil Dead flick.


Craig Zablo said...

El Snoozo, thanks for swinging in and leaving a comment!

You're dead on target with your Snake Plissken comment!

Craig Zablo said...
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