Saturday, March 24, 2007

Entertainment Weekly

I love Entertainment Weekly. Truely. I look forward to it's arrival each week and it never disappoints. Last week it featured a great cover and story on "300". This week EW gives the same treatment to "Grindhouse".

I've been an Entertainment Weekly subscriber since issue one and don't plan to let my subscription lapse anytime soon. That may not sound like much of an endorsement, but it is. I used to subscribe to a ton of magazines, but its the only one I've kept. Entertainment Weekly has outlived People, US, Interview, Premiere, Prevue, Rolling Stone, The National Enquirer, Star, Sports Illustrated, Writer's Digest, The Comic Buyers Guide, Movie Collectors' World, TV Guide, The Comics Journal, Muscle and Fitness, Sly, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Cinescape and who knows what else.

Entertainment Weekly covers [in each issue] movies, dvds, television, music, books, comics, and features a monthly column by Stephen King [who is always entertaining]. While I don't always agree with their reviewers' opionions and sometimes couldn't care less about their cover feature, I always find something in the magazine of interest. Especially when they cover features like "300" and "Grindhouse".

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