Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Down to 11

Tonight the American Idol 12 will become 11.

Before I say who I think will be going home, let me compliment Chris Sligh. Not only can the young man sing, but he did exactly what the judges have been encouraging the contestants to do... and then got slammed for doing it.

Week in and week out, we hear the judges say, "make the song your own... don't be an imitator... show your personality." It was Diana Ross week and Chris took took "Endless Love" and modernized it. Was it as catchy as the original version? No, but then again we've heard the original for over 20 years. It's engrained in our memory banks so no new version will initially sound as good. Still, Chris took the judges' advice to heart and made the song his own and he sounded really good in doing it. So it ticked me off to hear the judges slam him when it was their suggestions that led him down that path.

Sanjaya Malakar should be the next contestant to leave [and Brandon Rogers needs to kick it up a few notches or he'll soon be on the bubble], but my guess is it will be Haley Scarnato. Haley forgot her words and appeared to be really nervous. Still, I felt it was one of her better performances and hope that she gets another chance to prove herself. Unfortunately I think that Sanjaya has a teeny-bopper fan base that will keep him around for another week.


Chad said...

Still not watching it. ( but I do like that Chris guy.) Oops. How did I know that?

Craig Zablo said...

Cuz your psycho, uh, psychic like that!