Sunday, March 11, 2007

"300" is 1

It's been announced that "300" made an estimated $70 million during its first three days of release. This not only catapults "300" to the coveted #1 spot in its opening weekend, but sets a new record for a March release. What makes this even more impressive is that the previous record-holder was the family-friendly "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown" that took in $68 million in March 2006. "The Matrix Reloaded" ($91 million) and "The Passion of the Christ" ($83 million) are the only R-rated movies to have bigger openings than "300."

To add icing to the cake, most reviews have been positive and women are also giving the movie high marks [which is especially nice to hear since most critics felt that the movie would have very limited appeal to females].

I saw the movie in a packed theater at the first showing on opening day and loved it. In fact, I plan to see it again on the big screen... which is rare for me in this age of quick to dvd releases.


UrbanBarbarian said...

Such a great movie. I didn't care for Sin City too much but this Frank Miller adaptation rocked!

The James said...

300 rocked. I saw it after I survived another 15k River Run, and it was the only flick I'd have moved for after that. Gerard Butler and that one lieutenant who died by his side...amazing.

Chad said...

This movie was everything I thought it would be. Excellent. Just how I saw it in my head.

Craig Zablo said...

UrbanBarbarian: Yeah, it did!

The James: A 15k run?? You are a Spartan, sir!

Chad: You didn't let Zack Snyder get a peak before he started directing, did you?

Chad said...

Yes, but now I think I undercharged him.