Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Which Bot is Best?

I took the photo above at MegaCon on Sunday. There was a company there that had life-size recreations of famous robots.

For my money, these three are probably the MOST famous robots in the world. There's 3CPO from Star Wars, the robot from Lost in Space, and Robbie the Robot.

Given my pick, I'd take the Lost in Space robot. Of course, I grew up watching Lost in Space. If I was a child of the 70's, I'd probably want 3CPO and someone a bit older than me would want Robbie.

Would a child of the 80's want KITT?


Chad said...

3cpo? If I was a nerd I would have to call you on that, Craig ol' buddy. But since I'm not, I won't.;) Great coverage of Megacon, too. The Darwyn sketch looks awesome!

Craig Zablo said...

LOL! I mean C3PO... or something like that.

Thanks for the props on the Darwyn sketch. I really wanted one from him badly.

FloridaRobot said...

Those robots were all built by individual robot builders and not a company. The 3 in your picture are mine. One of the guys in our booth with his robot is actually a celebrity currently on Dancing with the stars and he actually owns one of the original KITT cars.