Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Drink and Draw

Artists, for the most part, live solitary lives. They usually work alone, spending long hours at the drawing board. In an effort to combat this isolation, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson and Dan Panosian formed the Drink & Draw Social Club. Once a week these talented artists would get together to eat, drink, draw and socialize. The idea was such a great one that more and more artists began to join in. Soon talents like Andy MacDonald, Josh Middleton, Jim Mahfood, Lesean Thomas, Kat Von D and others began to swing by for some drawin' and jawin'.

The idea was such a natural that similar groups began to spring up around the country. Heck, even "Big" John Beatty started his "Sketch Society" last year wrapped around the same concept.

Can you imagine how cool it would be to hang out in a relaxed atmosphere with these talented artists as they drew stuff that THEY wanted to see? Well, you might not be able to hang out with these talented cats, but you can see some of the cool art that their Drink and Draw sessions produced! The Drink and Draw Social Club Volume 1 is now available. Featuring over 100 pages chock full of art, it is a bargain at the cover price of $24.99, but click HERE and you can get it for over 30% off! My order is in!

Want to see more before plunking down your hard earned greenbacks? Then click HERE for an interview with Jeff Johnson and Dan Panosian -- you'll also get to see several pages from the book.

So what are you waiting for? Get ta clickin'!

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