Sunday, March 19, 2006

Scanning the Day Away

Yesterday, James Howell [top left], John Higashi [top right] and I [middle] spent the day at John Beatty's [not pictured - every time I tried to get a pciture, he shot a bird! LOL!] We get together every so often just to hang out, catch up and share a few laughs. We generally arrange a get-together after a comic book convention to scan in our new art acquisitions and to share "con stories" like this one. It's always a blast and yesterday was no exception.

Of course Higashi was the first to arrive [just as he's always first in line at conventions]. I arrived second and Beatty was already scanning away. Higashi has an unbelievable Star Wars art collection, but he doesn't just limit himself to the realm of the Jedi. Yesterday John showed us two really nice Walt Kelly Pogo strips that he'd picked up, as well as a Stan Drake "Julliet Jones" strip.

Finally "The James" Howell rolled in. James needed to get some pieces for his Batman collection scanned. James is always entertaining and yesterday he had us nearly crying as he told us of his recent charity race. In the last several months James has dropped 70+ pounds through exercise, diet, working out and now jogging. He recently decided to enter a charity run, and not only did he finish, but he had an experience with "the runs" during the run. LOL! Luckily there were strategically placed port-o-potties along the way. James also had us dying as he told us about special preparations and clothes needed for longer races! The thought of James "lotioning up" is just not something you want burned in your mind. Then again, maybe it is.

We decided to go to the Ale House for lunch. Big Beatty has lost over 25 pounds and limits himself to a "sloppy meal" every week or so. He had the Chili-Burger with onion rings. The James, ever vigilant had a chicken breast sandwich with no condiments, steamed broccoli instead of fries and a side salad. I normally would have gone for some wings, but since I've been watching my diet, I opted for the Chef's salad. Higashi, who doesn't need to watch his weight, went for the Mushroom burger and fries.

The meal was a lot of laughs. I had to try to get Beatty to talk a bit quieter when he began to loudly share with us what to expect during a colonoscopy. Luckily our meals came and the conversation drifted. We only had one "near incident" and that was when Beatty asked our waitress if he could see her "tat" and I misunderstood his question... luckily she didn't. ; )

After lunch we hit Circuit City. I picked up a couple of DVDs [Antz and the Thief: Special Edition], and Beatty picked up two DVDs [Big Trouble in Little China and Poolhall Junkies] and a cd. Then it was back to Beatty's for more scanning and nonsense.

The James, Beatty and I were cutting up when I looked over to see Higashi had nodded off. How he could do that with all the noise, not to mention funny stories, is beyond me. I've seen Higashi work all day [overtime even], drive through the night and then work [and I mean work] a convention and still have enough energy to stay up late into the night, only to rise before the crack of dawn and do it again. Yet, there he was catnapping! A sixth sense must have alerted him to the fact that our attention had turned to him and he snapped out of it and picked up the conversation as if nothing had happened.

Unfortunately, The James needed to get back to J-Ville, so the party broke up around 5pm. Still, as we were all leaving, we discussed plans to "do it again."

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