Monday, February 27, 2006

Dennis Weaver and a Different Kind of Three

What's that saying about deaths of famous people happening in "threes? Today, I'd like to discuss a different kind of three.

It was announced today that Dennis Weaver passed away on Friday. Weaver, was by any definition a celebrity. He has over 100 credits listed on his filmography. Weaver was an actor, director, composer and more.

My fondest memories of Dennis Weaver always involve my grandfather. We'd watch Gunsmoke [Weaver played Chester the deputy who always seemed to be yelling "Mr. Dillon, Mr. Dillon!"] and later McLoud [the country cop who ended up in New York City]. My grandfather and I really enjoyed Dennis Weaver in any role. So wouldn't you know it, we watched the world premiere of "Duel" [directed by Steven Spielberg]. I can remember, during commercials, my grandpa and I talking about how exciting the movie was.

Of course Weaver was known for many other roles. He starred in the Gentle Ben tv series, had a role in Orson Welles' classic "Touch of Evil," memorable guest appearances on all kinds of classic shows and headlined dozens of other movies. Still it is those three roles that I cherish most. It's obvious why.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Dennis Weaver's family, friends, and fans.

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