Monday, November 14, 2005

Do You Want To Be In A Movie?

Do you want to be in a movie?

Sounds like some sleezy come-on made to a teenage runaway, right? Well, it's not.

While you may not make it to the final cut, you can have the opportunity to be on the set for filming of Rocky Balboa! [That's Rocky VI to those keeping score.]

Here's the deal: crowds are needed for the climatic fight and Big Crowd Productions provides them. Click on the banner above and you'll go to their web page that tells you all of the films that they've worked on as well as the details for being on set for Rocky Balboa filming.

Just think, you could be on the set with Sly Stallone, Antonio Tarver, and other stars as they film the climatic battle... and who knows, you could even find yourself in the movie!

Some SZoners have already signed up to be there... will you be next?

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